party pets ANIMATion series

Party Pets Musical Animation Series is a chapter-based series for children. With the help of catchy songs, each character will transform the island of Ibizoo into a magical place.


Eolo Toys commissioned me to write, sing, and produce the opening song for the series; 4 vocal melodies and brand new lyrics based on existing background music, intended to be performed by different singers; and 1 entirely new song, including the composition, background music, vocal melodies, and lyrics, designed to be interpreted by a different singer.


Client: Eolo Toys

Party Pets Animation Series Opening

Slowy’s song

Holly’s song

Nesha’s song

Dj Rex’s song

Roxanne’s song

The opening song has been featured in the TVC Party Pets Disco Ball product.

work process

Project begins with a meeting covering goals, musical references, target audience, competitors, and deadlines.
After a thorough investigation, I create a demo for each song to showcase its tone and feel, and send for feedback and revisions.
Each of the vocal melodies is adapted to the singer’s vocal range, with a sample sung by me sent as a reference (including sheet music for those who need it).
After approval, each song is mixed and mastered.

Over the years, I have had the pleasure to work with Eolo Toys on a variety of musical toys that are currently available in toy stores in the U.K., the United States, the Nordics, Israel, Italy, and Brazil. Several of these products have been recognized with awards.