Ludo is a unique ant who struggles to make friends. However, with the help of his new friend Bobo, the mole, they will both embark on an adventure where they will learn the beauty of loving oneself.


The book was adapted into an animated audiobook, including an opening song for children to sing along with. This exclusive version is currently being displayed in the children’s waiting room at ‘Estetik International’, an aesthetic clinic in Istanbul owned by the renowned surgeon, Dr. Bülent Cihantimur.


I was commissioned to write, sing, and produce the opening song, voiceover, and background music. Additionally, I edited the animated audiobook.

Writing: Timur Cihantimur
Illustration: Ahmet Uzun
Songwriting, music production, voiceover and video editing: Feathergris 
Client: Sintiyapera London​​​​​​​
The Opening​​​​​​​
Samples from the Animated Audiobook
Book trailer for social media
The children’s book
Photographs showcasing the clinic’s spaces
The children’s space is featured in the 2023 Estetik International Quasar Trailer, Minute 00:33