a book of poems


– poems turned into songs –

Bitter Sugar delves into the depths of the human mind, exploring its darkness through a collection of poems. The book features captivating illustrations by Juan Hernaz, adding an enchanting dimension to the reading experience.


As part of the promotional experience, I was commissioned to compose, sing and produce emotional songs, drawing inspiration from its poems.

The Poems




There is only one mirror
And you are a shadow behind it.
What you come across sees you within yourself.
You still do not exist.
Indeed, you make them see,
But that does not mean that you,
Existing amidst everything,
Are with them.

I   A M   T H E   E N D   O F   E V E R Y T H I N G


I am the end of everything.
No matter what I say to anyone,
they count on me,
humanity with dead tissue.
The sense of those
who can feel is missing,
ever since the world formed though,
hasn’t the only purpose been to fuck.
They stripped me of my thoughts
and cut off my hands.
They came
some early
some late.
Of always waiting
in the wings.

We Finished & Ironclad Thoughts – Part of the promotional videos –

Loneliness & Painful Hope – Part of the promotional videos –

Bilingual edition (English – Turkish), luxury edition with full design of hardcover fabric with gold metal stamping, reading tape, illustrated dust jacket with flaps and five full page illustrations.

Client: Sintiyapera London
Graphic design and illustrations: Juan Hernaz
Singing, songwriting, music production and video edition: Feathergris