Animation Bootcamp

School of Motion is an online learning platform for motion designers, that offers intensive quarterly guided courses. Each project is reviewed by professionals working in the animation industry.


During the latter half of 2023, I enrolled in School of Motion courses such as Animation Bootcamp and Expression Session to enhance my skills. Learning is a wellspring of motivation.

Ministry of Eye Control

Project completed during the Animation Bootcamp 2023 course at School of Motion. The aim is to apply a technique called ‘Eye Trace’, directing the audience’s eyes.


Although the original brief focused on animating a logo; I loved the concept of ‘The Ministry of Eye Control’, which sounded to me like the premise of a surreal and thrilling videogame.

So, without a doubt, it was obvious that I would write a song to accompany the mood and make the animation feel like a trailer for a video game. I had a blast!!


Graphic assets by School of Motion

Music and 2D animation by Feathergris

Circle Society

The goal was to focus on reinforcing movements. Letting shapes push and pull other parts of the animation around, using principles like Follow-Through and Anticipation to make the movements feel good.

Assets and music was included in the assignment.

Be The Ice Sculptor

Final project completed during the Animation Bootcamp course at School of Motion.

Assets and music was included in the assignment.